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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 20, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PST

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i'm beth troutman we've been searching the web for these stories and videos and it's time to show them to you "right this minute." buried in snow but makes the best of it. they till know how to fun. just watch what happens when someone tells them they can't. a pregnant woman struck by lightning shows off her miracle baby. >> she's got a big attitude. >> now mom can lay a big trip on
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her for the rest of her life. >> i was struck by lightning and i still gave birth to you and you treat me this way. a fish with a shark, a bunny that enjoys a banana and a guy that put tim tebow's face on a pizza. >> a steelers fan, i'm bitter, still bitter. >> how they doing? we're going to kick off our show today with this crazy weather they have been seeing in the pacific northwest. the seattle area, guys, has had more snow than they have seen in the last 30 years. of course a video has been blowing up the internet. we found some of the very best. got nearly seven inches on thursday at the seattle tacoma national airport. thousands and thousands were left without power. there were high winds, caused collapsed trees, tremendous traffic jams, school closings across the board.
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dozens and accidents of flights canceled a traffic and travel nightmare. you can see just how deep the snow is. >> a brother in everett, north of seattle has 15. i know some areas reporting well over a foot. >> like a christmas card. >> also footage showing wrecked snowplows, snowplows trying to get the snow off the roads and building, the huge snow banks on the sides of the road. this is from a local news station in seattle. >> buses are coming through here, too, and as i mentioned a number of close calls. still fun to watch. >> thank you so much for ruining the fun. kill joy. >> the lady sledding and having a good time saying, hey, what are you doing? you're killing the fun. >> i like the anchors when they go back to the studio. at the base of the hill and the anchor like wa wa. this is trending again because people are searching for weather videos.
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>> coming up. >> pay close attention to the people standing on the sidewalk on the left-hand side of the road. >> i wasn't through yet. >> listen to the evil laugh he does. >> awesome. being pregnant is not easy. or so i've heard. >> i was about to ask, how do you know this, steven. >> if it's not difficult enough already, get a load of this. stephanie was 13 weeks pregnant when she went to watch her husband race at a stock car racetrack in southern colorado. while she was there, she was one of five people that were struck by lightning. the lightning knocked stephanie to the ground. she was temporarily paralyzed. she eventually was okay but, of course, worried about the health
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of her baby. >> sure. >> she recently gave birth to a healthy 6 1/2 pound baby girl sophia. >> i'm happy that she's okay. a little small but she's got a big attitude. >> the mom and her husband darrick have joked around about the baby possibly having super powers. >> that's what i'm thinking. >> a lightning bolt on halloween and be the superhero all the time. >> what a story to tell your daughter when she was older. >> i was struck by lightning and i still gave birth to you, and you treat me this way. >> has the baby displayed any type of. >> electromagnetic abilities? >> not yet. >> these moves. >> lightning bolt. sharks, evil predators of the deep blue sea. i found this video on national geographic, and it's from the museum of new zealand.
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researchers set cameras 2,000 feet below water. here comes a shark and he's about to eat his meal. he beats and then he let's go. he doesn't like it so much. and that is because the meal he was trying to have is called a hag fish. hag fish are known to be very slimy little creatures. when that shark bites, they immediately expel slimy goo that becomes like gelatin filling the gills of the predator, in this case the shark. scientists are not sure whether the gelatin eventually washes off. the hag fish left in their own slime donned up dying. >> think about the shark. the shark is like oh, yeah, i'm about to take a bite of this fish and get a mouthful of goo. >> scientists sought 14
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different attempts and every single one failed. >> when i go fishing i'm going to make hag fish my friends so they can swim next to me when sharks around. earlier this you a story about a car accident that could have gone a lot worse if not for some navy cbs. remember a bmw smashed up near the railing in california? there was a mom and two children in the car. that car was almost about to fall over the side of a bridge about 100 feet. the cbs were nearby in traffic and they had sort of an expendible boom forklift. they helped the fire department out, reached out, braved that car, so the firefighters could get the woman and two small children out of the car safely. we have those cbs right this minute to talk about how it feels to help out and be a hero. >> the best reward i got out of
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it was just seeing those people come out of that vehicle alive. >> were you surprised they survived that wreck? >> with as mangled as it was, i honestly thought for the worst. being that there were two children in the car with the mother, that just added that much more to having to get the rescue completed as soon as possible. >> do you guys think this is the right place at the right time. >> one of the tractor-trailers broke down on the way back to the base. that put all six of us in the right place at the right time. >> our military is filled with the best and the brightest. they just are. we're taking you on a walk with a boy and a buffalo. why? well, the boy is only four and -- >> he was a half hour away before a bus driver saw him walking. >> we'll explain why. as for the buffalo, well, he's
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welcome back to the show. don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. four-year-old and his three older siblings, one day he took a walk without them at 6:00 in the morning? >> head home. >> spent the night at his grandparents for the first sleepover because there was no school on monday. he heard an alarm go off. >> he heard a beeping sound. he thought it was a fire alarm. he got up. because in school he learned that he's not supposed to be in the house when there's a fire alarm. >> he put his clothes on and got out of there and started to walk home. >> kind of smart. thought it was a fire alarm. you know what, i'm out of here.
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>> i'm out of here. >> didn't bother waking the rest of the family. see ya. >> he didn't know his grandparents were in the house so he started home. he was a half hour away when a bus driver saw him and said, hey, little boy, what's up? they called the authorities. they gave him a phone and he called on his mom. >> did he have on a coat or shoes or was he still in his pajamas walking in the snow? >> they said he put his coat and mittens and started walking home, because he knew he wasn't supposed to be in the house from school. >> this place burning down. the sleepy dog.
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tim tebow is the well-known quarterback for the denver broncos, right? i think we have found his biggest fan. joe, owner of famous joe's pizza in madison, alabama makes pizza portraits and he has created this in honor of tim tebow. >> so this isn't like one of those accidental grilled cheeses where the face just appears? he created it. if this was an accident, i'd have questions. >> he created this out of cheese. he won't tell people how he does it. we have the owner of famous joe's famous pizza along with
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the pizza portrait. i'm a huge tebow fan. everything he stands for in sports and as a i love. what's better than football and pizza. why not do a portrait of tim tebow on a pizza. >> can people order this and is it an extra price? >> it is. the tim tebow picture goes for $100. >> i've got to be honest, joe. i've got to be honest. i'm going to order a pizza for $100, and there's no cheese on the pizza. >> pep ronni. >> what we're planning on doing it taking a portion of that and putting it toward a charity. the reason is to have tim tebow come here and do a joint sponsorship so we can raise money for tim tebow foundation and a local charity with the hospital. >> you've got to understand
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steven is a steelers fan. he's bitter, still bitter. >> how are they doing? >> i understand you have a little surprise for us today. >> that's a perfect pizza. thank you, joe. >> you cannot work in this restaurant if you're not a tim tebow fan. you'll be fired on the spot. next time on "right this minute." if you're looking for some new home decor, how about a cadillac coop deville couch. >> that's next time on "right this minute." the duke and duchess confirm a new addition to the family, a royal pup, who already made it on "people" pets, the happiest dog in the world. >> not a dog, a gazelle. a guy offers a ride share to san francisco. but what happens when people find out it's all a big joke. >> you're going to get punched.
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you guys know the popular magazine "people," right? they also have a website called "people" pets. they focus on celebrities with pets, pool pet videos, all things pet. if you go to, you can find awesome photos that are brand-new of the duke and duchess of cambridge taking a
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stroll on the beach with their new puppy. >> looks like a lab. >> the great thing about this, you capture them in a moment of just pure love. you can see how much they like each other. >> i love the royal couple. having the puppy makes me love them even more. >> look at this picture right here where she's kissing him on the cheek. they look so happy. we catch them in this moment of romance. >> i said they not only have awesome pictures of celebrities with their pets but also cool videos. this one is going to make you happy. the happy dog versus the meadow. >> that's not a dog. that's a gazelle. that's a gazelle. >> goes out and comes back the other side. look at this. >> i love this dog. are you sure this isn't a very realistic cartoon. it looks just like a cartoon. >> finally comes back to the owners, sits down with the tail wagging and a big old smile.
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>> put that on youtube. >> put that on "people" pets and you'll be a star. >> you guys remember in college the ride share board? you need a ride somewhere, check the ride share board, post a ride if you need a little bit of gas money. here is a post, driving to san francisco for the weekend, looking for people to help on gas. asking for 40 bucks. e-mail me back. must be willing to listen to -- that ad was posted and the guy decided to set up a camera. >> are you a cop? >> no. >> going to san francisco. >> going to san francisco. >> i've got good news. also going to bakersfield. >> i got the bag. i'll put it in here. >> i feel bad for them because they packed bags. they probably told their friends, going to san francisco. hitching a ride with this dude.
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then the dude turns out to be -- >> honestly, i've got a queen bed. so whatever happens happens kind of thing. >> chris powers is playing the stoner character. this is a brand-new web you? is your adrenaline pumping? do you get the sweats when you're trying to pull off this big ruse? >> definitely. i've switched to a product called certain dry, which is the highest you can get with a prescription. >> aren't you afraid that at one point you're going to get punched? >> yes. especially with the guy with the suitcase. >> seriously. >> goes in the truck. >> no. >> somebody looked like a real suspicious character, we'd probably pull the plug on that prank. >> did either of these two individuals say ha ha funny joke, but seriously i need a ride to san francisco. >> we actually did have somebody going to san francisco, so able to hitch a ride with them.
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>> come over here you'll see there's a camera there. we're just messing with you. we were just on camera. >> yes. we're messing with you. and we're going to give you a ride to san francisco. >> good! good! i need one. >> i was joking. i need 40 bucks. time for some cool animal videos. the first one, guy was on a trip to yellowstone in wyoming and came across this. a buffalo. strutting his stuff between two lanes of traffic. as tall and as big as some of these cars. in a boss-like way strolling on the road. >> maybe hitchhiking. may go to florida. >> florida or bust. would love to get out of the cold right now. >> only if i could just get my thumb up, i have all four legs
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down. >> every time. >> today must be the animals that begin with bs video day. >> that's what it is. >> is that what it is? >> yeah. >> i also have an animal video. this is a bunny. look at him. >> that is a big bunny. >> this bunny is in slovenia and he's eating the banana. >> he's eat it like a baby drinks a bottle. >> what is this? >> furry fat role. the owner of this bunny, it's a girl, got her at a pet store. say bananas aren't best for bunnies but a good thing to give it once in a while. this bunny obviously loves it. >> it's the time of the show to remind you every day to wash your hands, brush your teeth, and go to >> thanks, mom. this was volkswagen's hit
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super bowl ad last year. see why these dogs could outdo the kid and be a new force on this year's game day. >> i got it now. okay. yeah.
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i have found the new bob rock. he doesn't have the man fro like the pbs painter had but he's got some pretty good talent.
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here we have him doing a time lapse acrylic painting. >> he does paint his happy little tree like bob would have paint add happy little tree. >> he's alternating the colors. so when the background colors change so do the colors of the leaves at the top, not the reverse, but you see the changes in coloration based on the pattern he established. >> it's pretty. >> he's good. >> there's the finished product. >> i was confused by the stripes in the beginning, now i like the stripes. i like it. doesn't match my house but i like it. >> i have a super bowl ad teaser for you. this was created by the folks at volkswagen. i want to see if you can tell me what song this is.
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>> imperialarch "star wars." >> that right. did you get it? >> sounds like a bunch of dogs barking. >> talking about -- ♪ >> darth vader's march. >> he's got the gold medallion. >> the dog on the right is darth vader. >> i got it now. okay. right. >> thatey are letting you go an make an invite to the super bowl party that will look like the credits. >> "star wars" credits. i see what you mean? >> remember why they did this?
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remember, one of the most popular commercials last year was the little boy with the darth vader outfit durning on the car. >> the automatic remote control car. >> his dad made him think he had powers from the dark side. >> figure that out. that's it for this edition of "right this minute." we're going to close things out with a video shot in tampa, florida, seven days on a bike. some pretty cool tricks. you'll enjoy it. stick around. coming up our rtm top ten countdown. don't go anywhere. -- captions by vitac --
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